To position woodwork company Hanstholm Køkken as a lifestyle brand, we linked craftsmanship with fields beyond woodwork. To achieve this, we partnered with Food Studio, a gastronomy and event company, and hosted oyster events at Hanstholm Køkken's store. These events offered guests the opportunity to try different locally sourced oysters.

Role: Art Director / Designer
Instructor: Nicky De Silva
Creative Director: Niels Gjerding
Client: Hanstholm Køkken x Food Studio

To promote the oyster events, we developed a marketing campaign that included outdoor digital and analog posters strategically placed throughout the community, as well as targeted paid social media ads aimed at both local and national audiences


As part of the marketing materials, we produced a film that captured the uncomprmoised quality and hand craft feel of Hanstholm Køkken. Through close-ups of the oysters being prepared and served, we were able to highlight the experinece of taste that guests could expect at the events.

We created a branded film and divided it into smaller content pieces suitable for social media. The film documents the process of crafting the dishes served in-store, and provides the full recipe for viewers to follow along